screencap meme: dan & blair + the space. x

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one day at time right?: A few things i need to say:I’m Anne, my blog is stilestilinzki you...

A few things i need to say:

I’m Anne, my blog is stilestilinzki you probably know me from there or from misskathgifs, vampdiariesmusic, dandblair, katherinestanclub and ndobevr that are the blogs i co-own.
I’m writing this to let you guys know that I won’t be on tumblr as much as I used to be…

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a dair fanmix: you'll still have me.

1. Everything has changed| 2. Paris| 3. She Will Be Loved| 4. Poison & Wine| 5. New York City| 6. Lucky| 7. Lego House| 8. Quelqu'un M'a Dit| 9. Chasing Cars| 10. Begin Again| 11. Dare You to Move| 12. Just Give Me a Reason| 13. Sweet Disposition| 14. When Your Mind's Made Up| 15. Anyone Elese But You| 16. In Real Life| 17. Don't Wait| 18. Arms| 19. Leave| 20. A Drop In The Ocean| 21. Stay, Stay, Stay| 22. Two Pieces| 23. Stubborn Love| 24. Can't Stand it| 25. She's Killing Me.

I just wanna say that now our blog is taking requests, so if you have a dair wish we’ll be happy to make it come true!

submit your request here!

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dair appreciation week was the most sucessful appreciation week i’ve been part of, and that includes gossip girl appreciation week. dairaw was bigger and prettier, no doubts our otp is flawless.

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gossip girl apreciation week:  favorite pairing (day two)


Blair: Dan and Blair. Individual entities. Two proper nouns separated by a conjunction.
Dan: Or a comma, if mentioned in a list
Blair: Which is rare. Since we have nothing in common and are in fact, opposites.
Dan: The kind of opposites who do not attract.
Blair: Most definitely not.
Dan: No.

I’m sorry i couldn’t go on with my dairaw some personal stuff happened to me and i couldn’t make it, i’m glad all over you did. it was a fun week, i’m happy we did it.

We’re planning to make another one in december or january, we’ll let you guys know when.

Thanks for everyone who participated


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most underrated moment(s) -


Dair Appreciation Week | Day Five: Most Underrated Moment 

"Thank you for bringing that up. And for everything else."
"I meant what I said. Whatever you need, I’m here for you."

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Day 5. Dair AW_Most underrated moment - 4x12 - The Kids Are Not All Right

Some of them stay good, no matter how they’re treated