Day Six: The Moment They Became My Otp

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Dair Appreciation Week
    ↳Day Six: The Moment They Became Your OTP

"Just follow my lead, Humphrey. You’re used to doing that."

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Day Six: Moment They Became Your OTP

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dair appreciation week
      ↳ day six: the moment they became your OTP

i’d been quietly sort of “crack-shipping” dan and blair through season 2, but still considered chuck and blair my OTP UNTIL this promo was released for season 3. i was tinhatting like crazy cause there was hair touching and blair had said “only my boyfriend gets to touch my hair”(!!!) but ofc they edited that part out of the episode. anyway this promo led to a fanmix AND led me out of the chuck/blair darkness! NO HEADBANDS IN COLLEGE!!

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Day Six: the moment they became my otp

season 1 sure I liked Serena/Dan but I always loved dair.

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Dair Appreciation Week

Day Six: moment they became my otp

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dair appreciation week | day six: moment they became the otp

↳ Your ice is melting/Care for a dance?

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dair appreciation week ± day four: funniest moment(s) 

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Dair Appreciation Week  Free Choice (au classic drama)

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dair appreciation week | day seven: (free choice) dair + romione

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